Bethany at HIS LAND is located in Lakeville, Massachusetts on 4 wooded acres on a pond.
It is an oasis for people to come and have peace and quiet, to spend time with the Lord all year 'round.

(Mark 6:31) Then Jesus suggested,
"Let's get away from the crowds for awhile and rest."

We want Bethany at HIS LAND to be what Bethany was for Jesus and His friends,
A Place Apart, a place to rest in God’s Mercy.

People need A Place Apart, a place to hear a talk, participate in a workshop
or seminar, celebrate liturgy or share a meal.

People need a place to stroll out of doors and pray or listen to the Holy Spirit.

With today's pressures, everyone's spirit needs renewal and replenishment.

The groups that come can provide the activity. We provide the accomodations.

Come here and be renewed.

Make a Divine Mercy weekend retreat,

Participate in workshops,

Attend healing services,

Spend quiet time on your own with the Lord.

If you are interested in spending time at Bethany House,
scheduling a retreat, attending a prayer meeting, lecture or seminar -

Call 617-288-1202
Ask for Sister Caterina